Not Just Any Danish


Made daily with all organic, sustainably harvested, ingredients, our just-right-sweet and incredibly delicate danish are our most popular item - ask about today's flavors.

Chocolate Croissants


Made in-house, from scratch (of course), these finicky bits of heaven are not available everyday, so grab one when you can.

It's a Mystery


Are you the adventurous type? Want to try something new? So are we! Each day we create a small batch of something new to try out. It may be an idea for a holiday goodie, a new twist on an old recipe, or something completely different. If nothing else, it's a cheap goodie. If you try one, let us know what you think... and don't hold back -- we're family!

Bars, Blondes, and Brunettes


Whether you drool over a luscious butter blondie, salivate at the mention of an old fashioned milk-chocolate brownie, crave the tang of a lemon bar, or are in the mood for something a little nutty, we've got you covered. Ask about today's options.

Butter Croissants


Light, flakey, and buttery. Our every day croissants, fresh from the oven, will melt in your mouth. 

Pastries & Other Goodies



From French, to Italian, to sourdough, we have a variety of fresh baguettes available every day. Ask for today's options.



While our sourdough is the most popular, we also carry a daily variety of other rounds -- ask about today's fresh-baked rounds.



Looking for a standard loaf of sandwich bread? We've got that and more! Ask to find out what's fresh from the oven today!

Everything Else


Depending on the weather, the season, and our bakers' whims, we carry a variety of specialty breads... from moist and scrumptious fruit breads, to decorative but classic epis, hearty focaccias and flatbreads. We even make a variety of holiday and special occasion breads -- ask for pricing and availability.

*Special orders accepted -- ask about lead times and pricing

Artisan Breads